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8Fit & My Fitness Pal – Reviews – Are they that good?

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2 Apps to help you keep your health and fitness on track


Staying on track with your health and fitness regime can be tough. Especially if your venture into fitness is new, you are time poor, or you have lots of other competing commitments. The good news is that there are loads of apps on the market, that you can download on your mobile device, to help you stay motivated, interested and accountable. In this post, we are sharing two of our favourite apps to help you stay on point with your health and fitness and ensure you reach your goals. Let’s dive in.




8Fit is a health and fitness app that is designed to help you build healthy habits for your life. It focuses on both exercise and nutrition to guide you towards your fitness goals and help you maintain your motivation.


The 8Fit pro-plan costs about $60 USD per year, which in our opinion, is totally worth it – it has so many benefits. The great news is that when you download the app, you have the opportunity to sign up for a 30-day trial, which is more than enough time to try out the app and decide whether it is right for you.


Here are some of our favourite things about 8Fit:

  • It focuses on fitness and nutrition being easy, efficient and encourages you to incorporate fitness routines into your daily schedule. The workouts are short so that it is easy to find the time to complete them.
  • It provides the added benefit of motivation – when you finish your workout, it asks you to lock in the time for your next session and it sets a reminder in your phone. How’s that for accountability?
  • It offers loads of helpful videos to guide you through your workouts and you don’t need any equipment! There is body weight training options for different parts of your body, as well as full-body high intensity interval training (HIIT) and even yoga – there really is something for everybody.
  • It allows you to provide details about your own fitness level and suggests programs that are suitable. You can then give feedback as to whether the program was easy or hard and you can adjust the intensity as your fitness level increases.
  • The pro-plan not only provides you with daily workouts, it also gives you a weekly meal plan, hundreds of recipes, a weekly grocery list and meal check-ins to help you stay on track. It even caters for dietary requirements.


What we love about 8Fit

Changing your lifestyle can be hard, but 8Fit is awesome for making the transition to healthy eating and exercise so much easier. We love the fact that it is available on your phone, so that you can stay focused on your nutrition and fitness wherever you are.


Unlike some other fitness programs that require loads of equipment, 8Fit allows you to exercise and build your fitness using only your body, and your program grows with you as you increase your fitness level. Seriously, 8Fit invalidates all those excuses you have been telling yourself, so you have no reason not to get off your backside and work out!


My Fitness Pal


You may know how important your food intake is to your fitness goals. My Fitness Pal helps you to track your macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, as well as kilojoules consumed and kilojoules burnt.


Although there is a premium paid version of My Fitness Pal, we have been using the free version for years and have never felt the need to upgrade. They also have a free app (downloadable on Android and iTunes) so that you can track your health on the run. You can also see lots of fitness jobs right here at TheFitnessAssociates.


Here are some of the top features:

  • My Fitness Pal allows you to set goals for daily nutrition, kilojoules by meal, fitness and micronutrients and tracks your progress. It even makes little suggestions about how you can improve your results.
  • It has the option to track your weight, measurements and daily steps. It then provides you handy charts and graphs so that you can see a visual representation of your achievements.
  • The app makes it easy to track your food intake with a huge library of pre-loaded entries, the ability to scan the barcodes on products to enter them into your diary and allows you to plan your meals in advance so that you can guarantee you’re meeting your daily nutritional targets.
  • It also allows you to track your exercise and estimate how many kilojoules you have burnt through your exercise program. You can even keep notes about your daily exercise, which could be handy if you are trying different workouts and want to be able to look back and see what type of exercise had more impact on your goals.
  • My Fitness Pal syncs with loads of other apps, including activity trackers, step trackers, scales, and exercise equipment. We think this is super cool because it means that your activity (or weight, if you have compatible scales) can be recorded automatically, without the need for any manual tracking!


What we love about My Fitness Pal


With all those features, what’s not to love? One of our favourite features, that we haven’t yet mentioned, is the My Fitness Pal community. The community allows you to post messages in an online forum and is a great way to seek out support for your fitness journey.


There are all different types of groups in the community, including general chit-chat, fun and games, recipes, challenges and support for specific health and fitness goals. We all know that support plays a big part in staying accountable, so if you need an extra little push to maintain your healthy eating and exercise, the My Fitness Pal community is a good place to start out.


Have you used 8fit or My Fitness Pal before? What did you think? Did you find they helped you to stay on the “wagon”? If you have used one of these apps, or another app, to help reach your health and fitness goals, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps we could even share your story on the blog! Leave us a comment below or hit the “Contact” button to get in touch.