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Career Profile: Fitness and Healthcare Apprenticeships


Doing an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to begin your career in the fitness or healthcare industries. Apprenticeships combine practical, on the job experience, with theoretical knowledge and provide a solid pathway into the career of your dreams, without having to commit to completing a degree. In this post we are sharing some information about fitness and healthcare apprenticeships as well as some useful links if you want to know more.


What types of apprenticeships are available in the fitness and healthcare industries?


When it comes to apprenticeships, there are loads of options. There really is something for everyone! Some of the apprenticeship options available in the United Kingdom include:


  • Exercise and Fitness – Level 2 and Level 3
  • Sporting Excellence – Level 3
  • Sports Development – Level 3
  • Allied Health Professional Support – Level 3
  • Healthcare Support Worker – Level 2
  • Senior Healthcare Support Worker – Level 3
  • Leisure Operations and Leisure Management – Level 2 and Level 3
  • Beauty Therapy (Massage) – Level 2 and Level 3
  • Coaching – Level 2 and Level 3


These apprenticeships offer many career paths including personal training, fitness instructing, yoga and pilates teaching, sports coaching, healthcare support, allied health, leisure, recreation, massage therapy and more!


How do I secure an apprenticeship in the fitness industry?


To keep abreast of apprenticeship options, you can search job boards (like The Fitness Associates!) as well as registering for updates with the Gov.UK  website, which will allow you to create an account, submit and track applications for apprenticeships.


When preparing your apprenticeship application, you should cover off on any transferrable skills or experience you have that might benefit your future employer. As these are entry-level roles though, prior experience is not essential. Employers want to know why you are interested in this particular career path (apprenticeships take several years, so passion is a definite plus!) and also that you are committed to seeing an apprenticeship through. Remember that hiring an apprentice is a huge investment – it is important to show you are worthy of such an investment.


As an apprentice, how much will I earn?


As an apprentice, you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage, which is currently £3.50 per hour. This is not a lot, but remember that an apprenticeship provides you with the theoretical and practical training you need for a professional career path; the effort pays off in the long run.


Although it may seem like a low wage in comparison to other entry-level positions, apprenticeships do allow you to obtain an industry-recognised qualification in your trade and in some cases will provide you with the opportunity to obtain professional accreditations and memberships. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, your salary possibilities will increase and you will have more flexibility to hone your career path and specialise in certain fields.


Where can I go for more information about starting an apprenticeship?


The Gov.UK  website is a wealth of information when it comes to apprenticeships. On this site, you will find an abundance of helpful information about the types of apprenticeships that are available, how to apply for apprenticeships and the terms and conditions applicable to apprenticeship positions.


The Get In Go Far  site has some additional resources for parents, teachers and employers about apprenticeships in the UK. It also includes some real-life stories of British apprenticeships to inspire you on your journey.


Are you thinking about starting a fitness apprenticeship? Would you be interested in sharing your story with our readers? Let us know in the comments section and we will be in contact!


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