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Health and Fitness Jobs Location Manchester

sports jobs in manchester

Health and Fitness Jobs Location Guide: Manchester


If you love sport as much as we do, you should definitely consider pursuing your health and fitness career in Manchester! In 2015, Manchester was named the sporting capital of the UK, and with several popular football teams based in the city and the legacy of hosting the 2002 Commonwealth Games, we are certainly not surprised.


So, what’s so great about Manchester?


fitness jobs in manchester

fitness jobs manchester

Honestly, what’s not to love? Manchester has a vibrant culture, with sporting events, live music, museums, galleries and loads more. The low living expenses and the realistic opportunity to own property are just the icing on the cake.


One of the things we love about Manchester is that the locals are innovative when it comes to their health and fitness. In fact, in 2018, Manchester-folk can look forward to the opening of V1BE, which is a boutique studio gym specialising in treadmill-based high intensity interval training (HIIT), and Inflata Nation, which is an inflatable theme park offering a series of bouncy HIIT classes, as well as classes for kids and people with disability. Who would have thought?


What kinds of health and fitness jobs are available in Manchester?


Whenever we think about Manchester we think about football, but that is not all this architecturally stunning city has to offer. In fact, the city of Manchester is so committed to the health and fitness of its residents that it launched the BeeActive app in 2017, to empower people to take control of their health and fitness! Here are some of the roles that are generally available in Manchester:


  • As we have mentioned, the BeeActive app encourages people to take control of their own health and fitness, but some people find the extra external accountability of a personal trainer to be just what they need. There are dozens of gyms and studios offering personal training in Manchester and this means there are plenty of jobs for personal trainers!
  • With a student population of over 80,000 and a low cost of living, there are lots of people in Manchester with the time, inclination and disposable income to spend on health and fitness. We must admit though, that students’ finances are often quite tight, which is why lower-cost gyms and group fitness classes are popular – this is great if you are a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher or you are looking for a role in a gym environment.
  • Manchester is glorious in Summer and this leads to many locals looking for outdoor exercise activities. This is positive news for those of you who are outdoor fitness or bootcamp instructors – it seems that Manchester has quite the appetite for military style training.
  • The people of Manchester are always looking for new ways to exercise and with activities like indoor ice climbing, axe throwing, trampolining, aerial workouts, parkour and more, there are opportunities for teachers and coaches from lots of different disciplines!


Who are the top health and fitness employers in Manchester?


There really are loads of roles in the health and fitness space in the city of Manchester. The good news is that these roles are often with some of our most sought-after employers. A few of these companies include:


Virgin Active – At Virgin Active, they make exercise irresistible! With fitness clubs all over the world, Virgin Active are always on the lookout for new team members who are fit, feisty and will gel with their go-getting team.


Nuffield Health – Nuffield Health is one of the leading not-for-profit healthcare organisations in the UK and regularly hire team members for their network of hospitals, medical clinics, fitness and wellbeing clubs and diagnostic units. They are focused on hiring team members who are committed to their cause, where customers and patients come first.


Hilton Worldwide – There are several Hilton Hotels in Manchester and they are often looking for professional team members to work in their gyms, pools and fitness centres. Their vision is “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” – if you think you have what it takes to deliver this level of service, you should keep your eye on their vacancies!


DW Fitness First – DW Fitness First was created with the merger of DW Sports, DW Fitness and Fitness First. With over 90 retail stores and 120 gyms, DW Fitness First are regularly looking for team members with diverse backgrounds to join their crew.


GLL – GLL is the UK’s largest leisure provider and is an independent charitable social enterprise. GLL works with local authorities around the UK to provide various facilities including leisure centres, pools and sporting venues. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work for a “staff owned” organisation, then GLL could be for you.


Lululemon Athletica – Although they don’t specifically recruit fitness professionals, Lululemon is an incredibly popular women’s fitness clothing brand that would be a great place to work if you are interested in fitness but not ready to go all the way and obtain your fitness qualifications. It would be a great place to spend time with likeminded individuals and service clients who have a similar passion for their health!


Where can I find health and fitness jobs in Manchester?


Look no further. Click here to check out our job search platform. Feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help you secure your dream role.