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Career Profile: Fitness Manager


Thinking about a career in fitness management? In this post, we are exploring what the role of a Fitness Manager looks like and what steps you should take if you want to take up a career in this field.


What does a Fitness Manager do?


Fitness Manager are responsible for the management of gyms, fitness centres, recreation facilities and hotel fitness amenities. Although within the fitness industry, the role of Fitness Manager sits firmly within the areas of business management and administration, and lots of Fitness Managers will have a background in one of these disciplines rather than in fitness. Despite this, an interest in health and fitness is important.


Fitness Managers handle all the “back of house” tasks in their centre, including staff management, recruitment, budgeting and finance, customer service, marketing and promotion, general administration and compliance. It is a diverse and challenging role that requires a person to take ownership and prioritise a changing workload.


What qualifications or accreditations do I need to become a Fitness Manager?


As mentioned, Fitness Managers can come from a background in business or administration and qualifications in these fields are particularly useful, though not necessary. Sometimes Fitness Managers started out in other fitness careers (like Personal Training –  Personal Trainer Job Career Profile) and have progressed by taking on management responsibilities and developing an understanding of business processes.


We note that there are no specific qualifications or accreditations required, but that Fitness Management is not for everyone. If you thrive in a fitness environment where you are working with clients individually or in groups, you might feel stifled by the requirements of the management role. Although there is a significant amount of customer interaction in a fitness management role, the position is largely paperwork based and doesn’t have the general flexibility of a role as a Personal Trainer.


What career opportunities are available?


As the Fitness Manager role is at the top of the food chain in most fitness centres, there are not a lot of opportunities to climb the ladder. The greatest and most challenging career opportunities for Fitness Managers are in taking over the management of larger and/or more exclusive centres, which have higher financial turnovers and team management responsibilities.


As the tasks in a Fitness Manager role are transferable to other business models, you may also choose to consider business management or administration management roles in other industries, particularly if you have been working in fitness for some time and you are ready for a change. If this is the case, focus on your skills that are transferable and highlight your ability to meet financial targets and achieve strong business results.


As a Fitness Manager, how much will I earn?


Fitness Managers earn between £14,873 and £28,959 according to Payscale  Salaries depend on your skills, experience, location, size of the club and the annual turnover.


Fitness Managers are often paid bonuses based on membership sales and/or profit. For this reason it can be difficult to estimate the total remuneration package, but it is worth keeping in mind if you are applying for Fitness Management roles. Make sure you have the option to earn commissions and bonuses when you are successful in meeting and exceeding your financial targets.


Is the role of a Fitness Manager right for you? Still have some questions about this interesting career path? Leave us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!