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Job Description : Fitness and Healthcare Industry Receptionist Jobs

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Career Profile: Fitness and Healthcare Industry Receptionist


Would you like to take on a receptionist or front of house role within the fitness or healthcare industries? Perhaps you already have some administrative experience under your belt but you are looking to shift your focus? Reception jobs within the fitness and healthcare industries come with loads of opportunities and perks. In this post we will dish all of the details!


What does a receptionist in the fitness or healthcare industries do?


Much like receptionists in other industries, receptionists (or front of house staff) in the fitness and healthcare world are the first point of contact for clients. Kind of like a “Master of First Impressions”, the receptionist holds a lot of power in terms of ensuring a client’s first experience with the organisation is a positive one. For this reason, customer service skills are of the utmost importance and are usually partnered with a bubbly personality and a can-do attitude.


Receptionists are often responsible for also completing a range of administrative tasks and this could include taking payments, assisting clients with signing up for memberships and managing customer files.


Particularly in the fitness and healthcare industries, receptionists are required to commit to a high level of confidentiality and need to have the ability to handle sensitive matters and be very resilient. Some clients could be emotional due to ongoing injuries or health complaints and the receptionist is often the person that cops the brunt of any frustration or upset.


Overall though, receptionist positions in the fitness and healthcare industries are interesting and can be quite satisfying due to the contribution to helping clients feel comfortable and achieve their health and wellness goals.


What qualifications, accreditations or insurances do I need to become a receptionist in the fitness industry?


The great news is that there are no set requirements for receptionists to hold qualifications, accreditations or insurances, which means that there are limited barriers to entry for this type of work! Although some organisations may be looking for candidates with extensive reception and customer service experience, there are also plenty of entry-level opportunities available.


There are pathways into receptionist positions through apprenticeships and administrative qualifications. You can find out more on the (link to: website – just search for “apprenticeships” or “further education”.


How can I get my foot in the door?


If you are looking for an opportunity as a receptionist in the fitness or healthcare industries, promote your customer service skills, work ethic, administrative skills and professionalism. Most organisations are looking for a receptionist who is polished and well-presented, so make sure this comes across in your application and interview. You should have strong communication skills and the ability to develop rapport quickly with customers. If you can provide examples of dealing with difficult customers, this may also help your case, but most of all be sure to articulate your positive, can-do attitude and passion for the industry!


What career opportunities are available?


As receptionist positions are normally junior roles, there are lots of opportunities for career progression, particularly if you are willing to undertake some study. The most traditional path is progression into more senior administrative roles and then on to office management, though you don’t have to stop there. As you build your career, you are also developing your knowledge of the organisation, industry and its processes. For this reason, many people who start out in reception or front of house roles move into business management positions.


Some receptionists within the fitness and healthcare industries decide to study while they work, particularly if they are looking at creating longer term career options. Employers will sometimes support their employee’s study plans, particularly if they will benefit the business in the long run. A receptionist position could support you financially while you study to further your career in a related fitness or healthcare role.


As a receptionist, how much will I earn?


A receptionist’s salary varies considerably depending on your location and the experience you have, but the average is between £15,000 and £20,000 per year according to Reed (link to: Medical receptionists may be able to command a higher salary due to the specialist nature of the work and the need to understand medical terminology.


Are you pumped to start working as a receptionist in the fitness or healthcare industry? Tell us your plan in the comments section and we will let you know if we have any specific tips to suit your situation!

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