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Career Profile: Fitness Sales and Sports Marketing


Are you interested in finding out more about career opportunities within fitness sales or sports marketing? In the post, we have all the goods. Both of these roles are well-suited to high-energy, charismatic individuals – let’s see if you have what it takes!


What does a fitness sales or sports marketing representative do?


Fitness sales and sports marketing are different roles, but they do have some commonalities, particularly in the types of personalities these careers suit. The fitness industry in general lends itself to larger than life personalities; fitness sales and sports marketing even more so.


As a fitness sales representative, you will be responsible for the sale of fitness products and services. This usually equates to fitness equipment or gym memberships. Either way, fitness sales roles are heavily targeted and require you to quickly build a relationship with your customer and convince them of the features and benefits of your product or service. You will then be remunerated based on reaching and exceeding your sales targets.


Sports marketing is slightly different as it has more of a longer term strategic focus, and involves promoting products, services, events, sporting teams or sporting personalities. This still involves developing relationships, but is more about business to business relationships than business to consumer. You will also be involved in media and community outreach and will need to build contacts in these fields that you can call upon when you are promoting a launch.


What qualifications, accreditations and insurances do I need to become a fitness sales or sports marketing representative?


There is good news. A career in fitness sales has limited barriers to entry, with no specific requirements for qualifications, accreditations or insurances. If you already have sales experience within another industry, you might find it easier to get your foot in the door at a more senior level (with higher remuneration). If you are looking for an entry level position, you should focus on your ability to develop relationships – turn on the charm and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine in your application and interview. Personality is a huge part of sales and you will need to convince your potential employer you have the “gift of the gab” and that you are passionate about their products or services.


For sports marketing, there is a little more work involved in getting started as most organisations will be looking for tertiary qualifications in marketing, public relations or sports management. A degree in one of these fields will take between three and four years of full-time study. In addition to a degree, you will need to be able to demonstrate strong written communication skills, which are generally not as sought after in fitness sales. The extra work is worth it though – once you are qualified and secure a role in the sports marketing industry, you will find the work challenging and enjoyable.


What career opportunities are available?


The natural progression for a fitness sales representative or sports marketer is into a career in sales management or marketing management and this can be achieved through gaining experience in the industry and exposure to leadership opportunities.


The great thing about sales is that the principles often translate from role to role, regardless of the industry. This means that if you decide down the track that you would like a change, your skills will be transferable to sales of other products and services – this could offer career progression and new challenges.


For sports marketers, there are similar opportunities to move sideways into marketing within another industry. If you have been successful in your sports marketing career, you should find it quite easy to shift your focus, particularly if you stick to the same types of promotion (for products or services or events, for example).


As a fitness sales or sports marketing representative, how much will I earn?


According to Indeed the salary for sales representatives varies widely, predominantly due to changes in commission. Although it is difficult to provide you with an average salary for roles in fitness sales, prepare to earn a lower base wage, with most of your remuneration being earnt as commissions and bonuses. Indeed has the median wage listed as £25,712 based on over 160,000 salaries – this could be a good guide for you when negotiating.


Information about salaries for sports marketers is difficult to come across as they can vary significantly depending on the prestige of the item, event or people you are promoting. Adzuna has the average salary listed as £37,091, however, we would recommend doing your own research in your location and specific field of marketing.


Want to know more about fitness sales and sports marketing opportunities? Let us know your questions and we will make sure we answer them in the comments section below.


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