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London PT & Blogger Georgie Spurling

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The Fitness Associates Speak With London PT & Blogger Georgie Spurling



How Long Have you been Working out?

I used to dance a lot when I was younger so have always been active but I got into fitness when I was going through a hard time in my life. I used fitness as a stress release. It helped me clear my mind and gave me time to just switch off from my thoughts. This was now 4 years ago and fitness has become a part of my life as I am now a Personal Trainer. I believe that fitness is just one part of wellness and is so vital for not only physical but mental health.


 Have you always lead a fit & Healthy Lifestyle

When I was younger I used to hate exercising! Its only when I started to dance again when I was 16 years old that my love for fitness grew. I was fascinated about how our bodies work and move. Also I loved the feeling I got after I had moved my body. I also grew up with a mum who was a nutritionist, so I have always eaten a very balanced diet (with lots of treats).

What influenced you to get started in fitness ?

Firstly my love of dance meant that I really had to take care of my body and also make myself stronger all the time. I started to go to the gym and then absolutely loved the way it made me feel. Im so fascinated with how our bodies move and wanted to learn more

Why do you workout?

I workout for me. Its my little pocket of alone time and time to work on myself. I stress this to ALL my clients that you cant just exercise for aesthetics, you need to give this to yourself. Its my way of looking after myself and doing something that I absolutely LOVE.

Favourite exercise ?

Well most of my clients call my the Band B***h and theres a reason for that. I love resistance bands, I use them almost every session. My favourite has to be glute clams as It feels like an instant butt lift. Although I think my clients hate this one the most as it hurts!


What do you enjoy most about being a personal trainer ?

I enjoy working with people. I love getting to know someone on a much deeper level than you would normally. During our sessions a lot of my clients talk to me about their life, stresses and interesting stories, I love hearing about these. I think the most amazing feeling you get as a personal trainer is pride. When a client gets a Personal best or nails a new exercise you are filled with massive amounts of pride for them!

Do you train your clients from a gym or personal training studio ?

I do both! I work part time at a gym called Duo Chelsea, then the rest of my time I go to my clients houses, or their offices to train them. I actually train a fair few people at their office as I think it really works as a business model. I have found that this busy professionals don’t have the time to travel to the gym in the middle of the day, get changed, do a class and get back in time. So I go into their gym and give them a 45 minute intense session, so I’m in and out and therefore they haven’t taken too much time off.

Where did you get your inspiration to start blogging ?

Ive been blogging for around 4 years now and I absolutely love it. The reason why I started to blog is because I wanted to share my views on a holistic approach to health and fitness, and all that I had learnt over the years of dancing and acting. When I originally started my blog is was mostly recipes as I love to cook. However, now its more about lifestyle, reviews and mindfulness.


Can you share tips on getting started as a blogger

Yes, my number one tip for blogging is be consistent, post at regular times. Also something thats so important is images and the quality of them. Viewers see images first and will get an instant opinion based on visuals. Other than that I think GO FOR IT, if you have something to say and are passionate about it, people will read it.


Do you have a favorite healthy recipe ?

Yes! My favourite is my own sweet potato gnocchi. Im in LOVE with pasta but tried to make it a little healthier, without losing the comfort food taste. Is absolutely delicious and the recipe is on my blog!

How do you stay motivated

I am so lucky to have met so many other people in the fitness and health industry and they all inspire me. Each one of them has a different story or history and each one of them motivate me to be better. The fitness community is filled with such wonderful people. I also use positivity to motivate myself. I find if you have a generally positive outlook on life the whole time then you feel that you can just about do anything!


Is there any advice you can give to personal trainers just starting out ?

You you learn more being on a gym floor than ANY course/qualification. Experience is everything.




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