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Career Profile: Physical Education Teacher

Have you been dreaming of a career as a PE Teacher since you were in secondary school? PE Teacher jobs come with loads of perks but also require a lot of hard work and could require you to teach another subject or two in addition to physical education. We have included all the details in this post, but if you have any extra questions, make sure you hit us up in the comments!

What does a PE Teacher do?

PE Teachers are responsible for planning and delivering lessons about all aspects of physical education, which might include practical exercises as well as theory-based classes. In addition to developing knowledge and physical fitness, PE Teachers are also encouraged to develop students’ skills in teamwork, collaboration, resilience and mental strength through group exercises, challenges and the opportunity to try different team sports and activities.

In some schools, particularly schools with a smaller student base, PE Teachers are also responsible for delivering other classes and for this reason, PE Teachers who are qualified and capable of teaching additional subjects are highly desired and sought after.

Although there are a lot of benefits involved in teaching (including extended holiday periods and shorter face to face working hours), PE Teachers may be responsible for overseeing or coordinating extra-curricular programs, including coaching sporting teams. Teachers also have considerable work that needs to be completed outside of the traditional working hours, including marking homework and writing reports – being a PE Teacher is not all fun and games!

What qualifications or accreditations do I need to become a PE Teacher?

To become a PE Teacher, you will need to complete a bachelor degree. Most commonly, PE Teachers have education degrees, however, there are some specialist degrees available in physical education and fitness.

You will also need to complete your Initial Teacher Training (ITT), which leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTT). There are a couple of ways to do this; you can complete your ITT through post-graduate education or through school-led training, which provides you with hands-on experience in a school environment.

For more information about completing your ITT and obtaining your QTT, check out the National College for Teaching and Leadership  If you would like to find out more information about school-led programs, you can do so at the Get Into Teaching site  

What career opportunities are available?

Unless you have your eye on the Head Teacher’s job, there are not a great deal of opportunities for PE Teachers to climb the ladder. That is not to say that there aren’t lots of interesting career paths available. PE Teachers can work in both public and private school environments, but they may also choose to relocate within the UK, or work abroad with minimal additional training required. In certain areas of the world, PE Teachers are in high demand, particularly in international schools. You can find out more information and view some of the opportunities that are available here 

As a PE Teacher, how much will I earn?
According to the National Careers Service  PE Teachers earn between £16,250 and £46,500, depending on skills, experience and location. Additional allowances may be available for teachers who take on extra responsibilities. You can find out more specific details here  

Are you pursuing a career as a PE Teacher? Want to tell us your story? Leave a comment below and we will be in touch!

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