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Yoga Teacher

Job Description

Yoga instructors will teach yoga to help improve student’s well being, fitness and flexibility though a range of different practices and sequences.


Job Duties


You will adapt you session to suit the individuals at hand


You will teach the correct techniques safely whist demonstrating the correct berating techniques


Plan sessions the progress them at the right time and intensity


You will provide alternative movements to ensure you cater to everyone, both advanced and simplified movements.


Job Qualifications

Accreditation from a yoga association

At least 2 years experience practicing yoga with a qualified instructor



From £5-£60 per session, this will depend on experience but also if the session is a group class or 1-2-1 session.


Pilates instructor

Job description

As a Pilates instructor you will aim to improve the strength of students though various stretching techniques, core strengthening and conditioning exercises.   You will have good knowledge of the body plus know how to help achieve optimal fitness levels for the goal at hand. A Pilates teacher will also have a good personal level of fitness and will know how to motivate others.

Job Duties

You will create session plans for either 1-2-1 or group sessions and progress them according to ability.

Give a variety of movements to suit each and every individual that will target specific areas of the body, with a goal of strengthening or stretching 

You will utilize floor space and equipment if needed to achieve the desired

Training effect.

You will practice regularly to keep yourself fit and knowledgeable

Job Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in MAT Pilates

A record of Pilates class attendance

You will also need insurance to teach Pilates


From £12,000