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If you’re a fitness industry business owner, then you may have found it difficult in the past to recruit. There are very few industry-specific job boards, so it can be hard finding the right candidates. The first step is being able to advertise a job to the right people. And that’s where The Fitness Associates comes in. Let us explain why we’re the best place for you to advertise your fitness job, in order to get the right people in!

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When you advertise a job for the fitness industry on a regular job board, you could find that anyone and everyone applies. This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re looking for something specific. Such as a fitness trainer with plenty of years experience. It can then take time and effort to sift through all of the CVs that are no good. Just trying to find the handful of candidates you can interview. The Fitness Associates specialises in fitness industry jobs only, which means the candidates applying will be the right people for the job. We can help you find fitness trainers, personal trainers, gym instructors, group fitness professionals, front of house reception staff, and any other fitness industry employees.

Targeting Capabilities

Following on from our first point, let’s talk about targeting capabilities. Are you looking for someone with a specific skill? Perhaps you need someone who specialises in yoga classes or who can provide training for particular clients. If you advertise a job on any regular job board, it can be difficult to narrow things down. Sure, you can spend ages writing out all of the skills and capabilities in the job description. However, many people are unlikely to read the full thing. They will scan read, work out if it’s something they could apply for, and then send over their CV. For many job hunters, it’s all a numbers game. They figure if they send out their CV fifty times then they’ll get a job.

This just means extra work for you, however. Trying to read through all of the resumes, many of which are irrelevant, is a massive waste of your time. Time that you could be using running and expanding your business. By being able to target capabilities, you’ll only get the right people applying.

We’re Experts

As the name suggests, we’re experts in our field. While we’re not recruitment agents, we can provide you with a wealth of tips, tricks and advice to make your job easier. Just browsing through our blog posts (such as recruiter tips) will show that we know what we’re talking about! Having experts on your side means that you can turn to our advice pages and blogs, whenever you need a bit of extra help. We’re also always on hand to give you advice on the perfect job posting, via email or telephone. Just ask!

The Fitness Associates is the perfect place for you to advertise a job in the industry. There are plenty of experienced and professional fitness staff out there, many of whom may be looking for their dream job. By advertising with us, you’re going to get only the best of the best. Which means less time recruiting and more time running your business.


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