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Summer Coaching/ Holiday Activity Jobs

summer coaching jobs

Summer Coaching/ Holiday Activity Jobs


Would you like more information about holiday jobs in the UK? Perhaps you are a student or graduate looking for work during the Summer break, or you are looking for a way to get your foot in the door in the fitness or leisure industries? Either way, the holiday job market can be quite competitive as there are lots of people in a similar situation to you. Use the information in this post to make sure you get selected!


The Fitness Associates provides a job platform for fitness and leisure roles within the UK and further afield. We also provide loads of actionable career advice to help you decide which path to pursue and to put your best foot forward. We pride ourselves on bringing you varied opportunities with dynamic and exciting employers, so that you can wake up each morning excited to go to work!


How can I get started in a holiday job?


The great news about holiday jobs is that there are usually plenty of opportunities available for people with little to no experience. This certainly depends on the type of camp or activity program as sometimes camp staff will require qualifications, but this tends to be where there is a specific activity being undertaken or taught, like swimming, paddle-boarding or rock climbing, for instance.


Most of the time, entry to holiday roles comes down to attitude and if you have enthusiasm, passion and a hard-working attitude, you might be worth giving a shot. The trick here is to make sure that your personality shines through in your application and interview and that you actively demonstrate why you are a better choice than other candidates.


What can I expect working in a holiday job?


Obviously, what you can expect will vary from program to program, and from job to job. The role and duties will certainly dictate a lot about your experience. There are, however, a few things we can point out that are fairly common for holiday jobs in general:


  • You might be expected to work outside your job description – in a camp or program situation, job descriptions aren’t worth the paper they are written on. If something needs to be done, you’ll be expected to jump in and get it done, regardless of whether or not it is part of your role.
  • You’ll need to have a working with children check (DBS Check) completed and will most likely need a first aid certificate. Both of these are incredibly important when working with children – if you get them in advance you’ll be a more appealing applicant.
  • If you’re working in a live-in camp, you won’t have a lot of free time – when you are away from home with a program, you’re usually expected to be “on” all the time. Sure, you might get short breaks, but there’s not often a lot of chances to get out and about. This does mean though, that you might be able to partake in and enjoy some of the camp activities!
  • You’ll build relationships that will last forever – all of the feedback we have received has indicated that working in a holiday program, is like gaining a new family. You’re living in close quarters, often for long periods of time, so get comfortable and embrace your new mates.


What future career opportunities can I look forward to with holiday program experience?


Working in a seasonal holiday camp or program is a great start to your career, whether you’re looking at future work in the fitness, leisure or even childcare industries. Depending on the specific role you undertake, you could also gain administrative, management or coaching skills.


It is impossible to provide a list of potential career opportunities you could pursue, as the options are endless. Instead, we leave you with this list of tips to maximise your experience in future applications:


  • Focus on your transferable skills – were you coordinating programs or planning activities? This could be a great example of your excellent organisational skills. Did you take the lead on group activities or provide training? That could be an example of your leadership skills.
  • Use your new connections – you’re likely to meet heaps of new people during your holiday job, some of whom will be more influential than others. Make sure you put the feelers out, let people know what type of career opportunities you are seeking and don’t be afraid to ask for help in getting there.
  • Take the chance to “try before you buy” – one of our favourite things about holiday jobs, is that you can essentially try a role, before you commit to a career path. Take the opportunity to try as many things as possible and once you find something you really enjoy, sell your passion in your application.


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