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Have you been dreaming of a career as a swimming instructor? If your ideal job is in the water, then we are pleased to say, you are in the right place. Swimming instruction is such a gratifying career path as you teach your clients, young and old, a lesson they will use and value for life. The Fitness Associates provides a job platform for finding hand-picked swimming instructor jobs in the UK, as well as useful career advice to guide you on your journey. We pride ourselves on bringing you a wide range of exciting opportunities with the most credible and dynamic brands, offering you the career satisfaction you truly deserve.


How can I become a swimming instructor?


First things first; you need to get your qualifications in order. That’s right, you can’t just dive into the pool head-first without some background. There are three different levels of swimming instruction training in the UK and you will start with level 1. You need to ensure your qualification is awarded by the Amateur Swimming Association (AMA) or the Swimming Teacher’s Association (STA) and you must be 17 or older to commence one of these qualifications. Here are some of the accredited courses that are available:


  • Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching)
  • Level 2 Swimming Teacher
  • Level 2 Award in Coaching Aquatic Pre-Fundamentals
  • Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Learn to Swim
  • Level 2 Extended Diploma in Coaching Learn to Swim Pre-Fundamentals
  • Level 2 Teaching Aquatics
  • Level 2 Award in Coaching Open Water Swimming
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement


Don’t let the number of certificates scare you off – depending on which course programs you choose, each qualification only takes between 20-80 hours to complete.


I am already a swimming instructor, but I need a change.


Congratulations on recognising it is time for a change. We know that sometimes a change is just what is needed to help you rekindle your love for your career. Before you wade into the job boards looking for your next role, we have some questions for you, to help you understand and define what your ideal job looks like:


  • Are you looking for a role as an employee of a fitness club, leisure centre or swimming pool complex, or would you prefer to work as a freelancer?
  • What type of clients do you want to work with?
  • Are there any specialisations you would like to explore?
  • What are your financial expectations? Do these fit with the type of clients and specialisations you have in mind?


If you would like to niche down or work with particular client groups, there are loads of specialisations that you can dip your toe in (with a little extra training) to gain maximum career satisfaction. Some of these include:


  • Teaching Aquatics
  • Aqua Fitness and Disabilities
  • Coaching Diving
  • Coaching Swimming
  • Coaching Synchronised Swimming
  • Coaching Water Polo
  • Lifeguarding


What can I expect, working as a swimming instructor?


There’s more to working as a swimming instructor than just salt water and chlorine. As we have mentioned, it is a rewarding career path, but it isn’t without its challenges. So, what can you really expect? Here is a sneak peek:


  • Unusual hours – no matter which area you specialise in, you can expect to be working primarily during afternoons, evenings and weekends. Your clients will be balancing swimming with their other commitments, so you will need to be available outside of the standard 9-5.
  • Difficult clients – as a swimming instructor you may be working with children, or perhaps with adults who are new to the pool. Either way, you could encounter lack of confidence, emotions and even a few tantrums. This is a career where resilience counts!
  • Safety first – although safety is hugely important in all sports and fitness roles, in swimming, the safety requirements are next level. You need to be prepared to follow protocol and put your clients’ safety first; this is no place to muck around.
  • Adaptability and patience – as you will be working with clients who have varying levels of skill in the water, you will need to have the ability to tailor your lessons and execute patience on the regular.


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