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Our top health and fitness employers for 2018

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Our top health and fitness employers for 2018


Are you looking to make your next move in the health and fitness industry? We know, changing jobs can be difficult. It can be especially hard knowing which employers are good to work for and which ones are duds. Now, we might be a little biased because a few of these companies are our clients, but we honestly believe this makes for even more valuable insights into their team culture – we have been getting to know them and we can vouch for their claims as employers of choice! You can find information about some of our top health and fitness employers for 2018 below, in no particular order.


Virgin Active


If you’re after a modern, high energy place to work with loads of perks, Virgin Active is for you. With locations globally and loads of opportunity to move around the company (even abroad!), Virgin Active spend a lot of time and money ensuring their employees feel valued and have adequate opportunities to develop their skills. Here are a few of the perks you will be eligible for as an employee of Virgin Active:

  • Complimentary gym memberships for you and a friend
  • Relevant training and regular feedback from the leadership team
  • Reward and recognition programs, including “Most Loved” awards and glitzy annual award ceremonies and “Fun Funds” to incentivise teamwork
  • A competitive pension plan to ensure you’re taking care of your future
  • Extra days off for charity and your birthday


Nuffield Health


Nuffield Health pride themselves on the holistic view they take when looking after their patients, and that view extends to the way they look after their employees. Nuffield Health is a values-based business that is focused on ensuring that team members experience an honest, respectful and trusted work environment, where they are valued for their contribution. Some of the benefits that Nuffield Health provides to instil this feeling of value in their employees include:

  • Free membership at Nuffield Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Centres
  • A comprehensive “My Benefits” scheme that provides wellbeing perks in:
    • Fitness
    • Health
    • Lifestyle
    • Finances
  • Reward and recognition programs, including long service awards
  • Vouchers, discounts and interest-free public transport loans




Equinox is hard-core! They are all about challenges and look for employees who are like-minded and thrive on smashing their goals. But this doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. If you are the right kind of person for a role at Equinox, they will get behind you and ensure you have everything you need to succeed. This includes comprehensive training and development, leadership support and a clear career path. Some of the other benefits that Equinox provide, include:

  • Attractive compensation structures – some roles receive commission as well as a base salary
  • A lively recognition program, including celebratory events and goal setting opportunities
  • Extensive paid training, including leadership development and options to change roles within the organisation
  • Medical, dental and retirement plan benefits
  • Membership at their global, state of the art facilities
  • Opportunities to participate in philanthropic activities and contribute to community goals


Barry’s Bootcamp


Barry’s Bootcamp is an atmosphere like no other, in fact, they describe it as magic! Current and previous employees focus on the fun, high energy, high impact environment at Barry’s Bootcamp and the culture is a huge selling point. Barry’s Bootcamp also offer training opportunities and the chance for employees to move into supervisory roles if they show the right skills and attributes as members of their “Fit-fam”. Some of the benefits of working at Barry’s Bootcamp include:

  • Strong community, within the Barry’s team and the broader public
  • Free membership to Barry’s Bootcamp facilities and classes
  • Discounts on clothing and accessories




As F45 is a franchise-based business, each employer and their benefits are slightly different, but we love the F45 approach so much, we just had to include them. F45 are leaders in functional training and their “Stage and Gate” workout development process ensures that all of their workouts are groomed to perfection. As we mentioned, benefits vary from facility to facility will vary, but one huge benefit of working for F45 is the advanced training and development that is offered to team members, as well as the ability to work for an industry leader.




To get a vibe for the 1Rebel team culture, you just have to take a look at the trainer profile page on their website. Their team’s quirkiness is perhaps a direct result of their willingness to challenge the status quo – who needs five day work weeks, when you could have a three day weekend? 1Rebel pride themselves on hiring for both charisma and talent. Their website states, “We’ll give you freedom, within a framework as well as an exciting challenge and chance to shine.” Some of the benefits of working for 1Rebel include:

  • A competitive remuneration package
  • Free membership at 1Rebel facilities
  • Additional holiday leave each year
  • A dynamic, fun working environment


So, there you have it. Our list of the top health and fitness employers for the coming year. Do you know of any other highly sought after employers that we should be writing about? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know! Alternatively, you can head straight to our job boards to check out the vacancies near you.