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What does our unique fitness jobs board platform have to offer?

A very high quality rostrum focused on connecting talent to fitness jobs, jobs working in the fitness industry and sports Jobs. Our sports jobs board service is the key link to your dream fitness job, whether you're newly qualified or looking for your next challenge within the fitness industry. The career route you will take will vary person to personal, you may fancy your chances as a fitness manager, Pilates teacher, sports coach or you prefer a job as a personal trainer, physiotherapist, fitness instructor or even a group fitness instructor job, what ever you choose your options are endless with the fitness associates.

The health and fitness industry is on the raise, year by year new opportunities are becoming available so we have made it our goal to offer the widest range of sports and fitness jobs of different description. We have recently broaden our horizons to the fitness creative with jobs like personal training Software development, fitness blogger jobs, fitness marketing Jobs, fitness modelling jobs

Our approach
The Fitness Associates are a team of fitness professionals with a passion for sports, health and fitness. The goal of this jobs board is to give individuals the chance to start a brand new career, gain knowledge, invaluable advice and experience to then excel in their chosen field.Here at the Fitness Associates We have created the perfect window for companies to advertise positions to passionate fit pros. With this fantastic digital stage your brand can engage with an audience devoted to Fitness

Long lasting careers not just jobs.


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Here at the Fitness Associates, we have created the perfect window, through which you can display your job opportunities to passionate fitness professionals. We have constructed a sensational digital platform that allows your brand to engage with an audience of qualified, passionate fitness professionals.

Sports, Health & Fitness Jobs

The Fitness Associates are a team of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in the fitness industry. Are you bored of hating Monday? Rest assured we will be able to assist you in finding your dream job. We have plenty of fitness management jobs, career choices for fitness instructors, physiotherapists, sports coaches, group fitness instructors and a whole lot more.

Premium Placement

If you require a very specific role to be filled, why not let us do the hard work for you? A Premium Feature Placement on our specialist Sports and fitness jobs board is the ideal option.

Expert Advice

We also pride ourselves in offering expert advice - both to candidates and employers. Our dedicated career advice section is perfect for those looking for a career in the fitness industry. Find out how to land that dream job and what it's really like working in the industry. Then we have our blog, which has been designed for both employers and candidates. From recruitment tips to interview tricks, we provide expert advice throughout the whole process.

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The best sports & fitness job portal.

We have made it our mission to create a platform for passionate people to be linked to the health & Fitness jobs . Whether your are a personal trainer looking for your next challenge or brand new into the fitness industry; rest assured we will be able to assist you to attain the dream job.Our cutting edge fitness jobs board will meet all the requirements you need to access the job satisfaction you’ve always wanted.

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